“Seeming devolution”…

August 19, 2010

My aunt and uncle were Rosicrucian.  I always thought their beliefs were groovy and kind of wild.  After many years of ‘esoteric studies’, I now see that we could have had lots of interesting conversations had I not been so young and inexperienced when they were alive.

Uncle Lloyd was particularly mystical and had the “second sight”.  He told my aunt that he saw ‘the light’ around me when I was little, and this notion continues to make me feel safe and whole.  He was a delightful soul, and I miss him to this day.  Fortunately, the bond that I feel for him, and with him, is still strong.

As I approach my 47th birthday on Sunday, I am reminded of one of the tenets of Rosicrucian thought.  They believe the yearly ‘term’ from the day of one’s birth until the following birthday is divided into seven, 52 day cycles.  Each cycle has its own focus, yet it is the last one prior to one’s birthday of which I am reminded this day.

“This is the most critical period of your yearly cycle. During these fifty-two days the elements in your life that are no longer needed for your development gradually fall away in order to make way for those which are new and better. Remember it is a period of seeming devolution which always precedes a period of evolution and new opportunity.”

Perhaps this is why I have felt a bit out of sorts, of late.  My sleep is off, I’m kind of wobbly inside, and I feel a restlessness that is difficult to sate.  Since I’m big into the notion of rituals, I’ll go ahead and attribute these “princess and the pea” tendencies to the idea that I am gearing up for the new.  The new me as a 47 year old person.  The new me starting hair design school.  The new me as a full blown artist.  The renewed soul, ready to begin again and strike out fresh into this bright and sparkling year.

Yes, I like this way of seeing…  It gives possibility and strength to the idea that we can continually renew, and we can do so most profoundly on a birthday…   Aho!


One Response to ““Seeming devolution”…”

  1. Lee said

    Exciting times indeed! And happy birthday!!

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