Non-causal Joy…

March 21, 2011

I’m reading a book by a woman named, Jan Frazier.  It’s titled, “When Fear Falls Away:  A Story of a Sudden Awakening”.  I am fascinated by this story.  I want to be her, yet of a version that is exquisitely, me.  I want to be in the space she describes; fearless and joy-filled.  Connected and expanded…every day and all days.

I am not exactly sure what happened to this woman, and I doubt she really is, either, yet in essence; she asked to be free of her crippling fears, and was freed.  What followed for her was a complete transformation of herself as a person, and a new way of seeing and being in this world.

“Imagine this: whatever has weighed on you suddenly no longer weighs. It may still be there, a fact in your life, but it has no mass, no gravity. All that has ever troubled you is now just a feature of the landscape, like a tree, a passing cloud. Every bit of emotional and mental turmoil has ceased: the entire burden, some form of which has been with you as long as you can remember. A thing familiar as your closest friend — as much a part of you as the language you speak, the color of your skin — is utterly, inexplicably gone. Into the startling emptiness flows a quiet joy that buoys you morning, noon, and night, that goes everywhere you go, into any kind of circumstance, even into sleep. Everything you undertake happens effortlessly. You are happy, but for no reason. Nothing bothers you. You feel no stress. When a problem arises, you know what to do, you do it, and then you let it go. . . . Because your equanimity is disconnected from anything in your outer life, you know that no matter what challenge you are handed — for the rest of your life — the peace will sustain.”

Jan Frazier, book excerpt

Is this possible for me?  Can I ask for the same?  Am I ready?  I want so much to be ready.

If it’s a choice, I choose.  If I need but ask, I ask.  And, in the end, if all I need do is receive, then I receive…

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