Chronic Pain

October 28, 2016

You Bitch.

Get out of my head and leave me alone!

Give me at least five minutes

to replenish

My body

My spirit

My sleep.

I am so tired.

You take too much of

My time

My heart

My life.

You Bitch.




Je suis ennui…

July 10, 2010

My brother once said to me that only boring people get bored.  I doubt he still believes this, yet it’s funny that I remember it now.

I’m actually really bored this morning.  I have things I could do, and projects on which I could continue to work, yet all of my ideas are kind of falling listlessly from my head.  Why does this happen some times??

When we were kids, we used to go to my mom and whinge, “Mom, I’m BORED…”.  (insert big, dramatic sigh here…).  She would usually have a list of suggestions for us as to what we could be doing, and I remember the *feeling* when none of them inspired me into action.  Was I just a whiny kid, or is boredom as much of a regular feeling as anything else??  It must have been quite frustrating for her, yet what I remember most was that listless feeling of disinterest.

Maybe we all have ‘boring thresholds’.  Even as adults, mayhaps??  Say, if there is a bit of boredom in your life consistently for a few days or weeks, then eventually you are truly bored.  You are maxed out on tolerance for this feeling and you’ve got that, “I can’t stand it” type of feeling bored.

The analogy that comes to mind is what it felt like for me to get a tattoo.  I have a high tolerance for pain, so that part of it didn’t bother me, per se, yet it was the consistency of the annoying ‘jabbing of pain’ that eventually got on my nerves…literally. So, perhaps it wasn’t really the pain that got to me, but the repetition of the pain??  And, today…maybe it’s not the feeling of boredom that has got me so down, but the repetition of the feeling of being bored??

I’m guessing this analogy may only make sense in my head...

Maybe I just need to distract myself enough that something may catch my interest.

Let’s hope.

Otherwise…I’m calling Mom.

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