The bearable lightness of being…

December 6, 2011

I blogged a while back about a woman named, Jan Frazier, who wrote, When Fear Falls Away.  I had the opportunity to speak with her, recently, and it was a treat, indeed.  Her voice is as soothing as her words, and one can actually believe that expansiveness and peacefulness are possible just by listening to her speak.

One of the things she mentioned to me about her awakening is that she felt such utter compassion for the person she had been as she looked back on her life.  She said is was an almost overwhelming sense that *no matter what*, she had always done the best she could do.  She knew this deeply as an awakened soul, despite how things may have looked for her in the past.

I just had a glimpse of this feeling.  I was rowing and listening to Krisha Das, while staring at one of my quilts hanging on the wall.  I thought about how I had made that quilt with my eyes, my hands, my arms, and my fingers.  Then I thought about all the things I have made, and all the things I have been able to do because I have a body, and how lucky was I to have been able to do any of them?  How could I possibly ever turn a critical eye to a wrinkle or a roll of fat if such wondrous things came from being in this particular body?

Maybe Jan wasn’t talking about the physical when she mentioned this feeling to me, but what I felt sure was compassion for my body.  I’m a judgmental old bore when it comes to putting myself under the microscope with a critical eye, and for a moment…an exquisite moment of reprieve, I felt compassion and true appreciation for the body in which I reside.

How cool is that?  How crazy is it that we don’t all feel this way, all the time?

As I truly start to sense what it is like to stop the madness of useless and hurtful thoughts, and live in a place of neutrality (at least), I realize that there is a whole other world just a hair’s breadth away from this one.  Jan is right.  It has been there the whole time, just waiting for me.  It’s waiting for you, too.  All of us.  Peace really is possible.



One Response to “The bearable lightness of being…”

  1. Peg said

    I’ll offer an Amen to that, sistah! Do I hear a few more out there? Uh-huh.

    Where’s that hundreth monkey? I’m bettin’ she’s in the crowd.

    Wave that banner confidently. Peace, oh, yeah.

    Whadda we allow? Peace!
    When do we allow it? Now!
    Whadda we share? Peace!
    When do we share it? Now!

    I’m a believer.


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