February 11, 2011

You know how most people have certain topics that tend to bring up a myriad of emotions when touched?  Things like, “wow, that really pushed her button”, might be heard in response after seeing such a thing.  I suppose we all have buttons, and I doubt that all are ‘negative’ or bad.  I probably have a button that when pushed reminds me of all the times I’ve been to the ocean.  Any and all oceans, and how good they always make me feel.

Most of the time, however, I notice that when one of my buttons is pushed, it sends off an alarm through ancient halls of crusty, beat up old emotions that come screaming out of hiding.  These fun-filled relics are generally reluctant to return to their dark existence.  They stomp around and rant and rave about their theme de jour, causing distress and unrest.

I’m going to shoot for clearing out all of this drab and used up crap in lieu of sending it back down to the depths, only to have it ‘re-booted’ should said button ever be pushed again.

I’m all for the notion of having buttons that no longer work.  Kind of like a doorbell that doesn’t resound throughout the house when pushed.

Sorry.  No one home…




One Response to “Buttons”

  1. Barbara said

    Too true!

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