February 8, 2011

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away from this one, lived two women; conjoined by birth, yet completely and utterly different from one another as any two beings can be.  Since there was no undoing the proximity they would always have to one another, they tried, initially, to get along.  This did not work well.

They took turns being ‘in charge’, yet their behaviors and beliefs were so contrary to one another’s that they appeared unstable, unreliable, and insane.  This also did not work.

Once upon a time soon after this time, a stranger approached the unlikely duo and made a simple and profound observation:  “Maybe the whole key to your existence is to understand that you don’t have to get along??  You don’t have to meld and mesh into one being?  What if it’s perfectly understandable that the best you can achieve is acceptance of one other?”

Whoa.  The two looked at each other and wondered how it would be if they stopped fighting?  What would it be like to just accept each other’s presence?  Would this be possible?  What would they do with their time if they didn’t have the perpetual struggle?

Perhaps they would have time.  Time to be…

This is a silly story, perhaps.  But…it is relevant.  I learned something today.  I learned that a truce is perfectly acceptable when you are dealing with your own personal demons.  A truce is acceptable when looking at contrary parts of your psyche.  Sometimes the easiest, most painless, and most enlightened road is that of the peaceful warrior.   When you lay down all the pre-conceived notions of how you should be, and how you should react, and what it is to be enlightened.  What if the kindest, most rational and sane thing you can *ever* do is to accept that which is?  The differences, the conflicts, the emotions, and all the ‘humanness” in which we are all intertwined?

What if?


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