First day of school…

September 7, 2010

So it begins…  today is my first day of school.  More specifically, orientation.

I’m proud of the fact that for the last two months while I’ve been off, I’ve accomplished a lot.  I am in good standing for my art show in January, and I’ve created other works for various other art venues.  No one could call me a slacker and have it stick.  I’ve been productive, on a myriad of levels…and it feels good.

The one downer as I start this day is the continuing question mark of my wrist.  It’s been a week plus since the shot, and though it’s a bit better, it’s not what I had hoped for in terms of a fix.  The silly blob of swelling is back, and I keep wondering if I’m nuts to be starting school with this issue.  What exactly *is* the issue?  Is this just a sprain, or have I upset the balance of my wrist more intensely?

The doctor wants me to get an MRI if the shot doesn’t do the trick, and part of me wants to go ahead so I’ll know, yet the other part of me worries about the cost (literally) and the psychic cost if there is actually something ‘wrong’.


For today…I’ll just go see what school is to be about…


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