Off the wall visuals…

August 23, 2010

Cemeteries are kind of trippy.  They elicit a myriad of thoughts and emotions, and are often inviting in their isolation.  All those people that once were here and now are not.  Life is such a strange thing to do, really…

I had this visual one time while passing a cemetery that many would probably find bizarre, yet I’m going to share it anyway.

I was thinking about the fact that all those no-longer-here people all started out as infants, as we all do, and instead of seeing a lawn full of headstones, I saw a lawn full of wiggling babies.  The notion that we are all the same in the beginning, as we are in the end, was profound.  Here, and then not…

I don’t know…it sort of put things in perspective, perhaps?  The cycle of life and all…

Now, whenever I pass a cemetery, that is all I really see.  The beginning, not so much the end.  Babies… Oddly, it comforts me to know we were all babies once.

Yes, a bit off the wall, I know…but I’m an artist.  I understand my world through images and analogies.

Here’s to life; from beginning to end…


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