August 17, 2010

The other day I was talking to my husband about the upcoming dove season.  He knows I’m not a big fan of hunting, yet if you need the food; I can dig the quest.  As I am both a biologist’s daughter and a biologist’s wife, it behooves me to understand the natural order of things.  I do try, yet sometimes those silly doves just seem so helpless…

This conversation got me thinking about us as humans.  We probably should still have human predators, don’t you think??  Maybe not something quite as fierce as dinosaurs, yet something to thin the flock, so to speak.  I suspect we would be way more alert, and grateful for those days we eluded being potential prey. Living in the moment would be a necessity, not an esoteric endeavor…

I bet there would be less obese people at Wal-mart, too.  It wouldn’t be safe to be unable to run.  Riding in those fatty-caps would be dangerous!  Motorized meat, indeed!!

Perhaps we are just too complacent as a species.  We feel superior and justified in our continuous taking.  I think it would behoove *all* of us to understand a little bit more about the natural order of things…

I bet the doves might have something to add…


One Response to “Predators…”

  1. Lee said

    Indeed. Natural selection doesn’t work as well without SOMETHING (besides clogged arteries) doing the selecting…

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