Out of body experience…

August 15, 2010

Very early this morning, driving to my mother’s house in Fulton, I watched dawn approach on the horizon with a myriad of purple hues.  I felt the somewhat cool, damp air blowing through my windows, and all I could think was…”man, I wish I could unzip this body and fly away.”  It wasn’t a sad thought, or a depressed notion of wanting to “end it all”.  I just wanted out.  Out of the body and all it’s responsibilities and needs for a while.  I wanted the freedom of being just a color in a morning sky.

Eat the right food…get the right amount of exercise.  Don’t hurt yourself…don’t strain your back or your wrist.  Get enough sleep.  Don’t be too fat or too thin.  Use the right products. Be healthy, be diligent…maintain, maintain, maintain…

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m grateful to have this form, and to be able to do all that I can do, physically.  It’s just a lot of work sometimes, and we really never get a rest from all these responsibilities.

I saw a cartoon at the Animation Festival in KC many moons ago and it was of a couple coming home from an evening out on the town.  They were walking around the bedroom, talking about their experiences from the festivities, all the while…taking off items of clothing.  The delightfully funny and surprising end to this cartoon was that they kept on going to the skin level.  Once all the clothes were removed, they took out their eyeballs, and pulled off their hair, and finally unzipped their ‘skin suit’ and hung it in the closet.  Two skeletons finally arrived in bed and said goodnight to one another.  It was a charming notion.  Devesting of all parts.  Down to bare bones, both literally and figuratively.

Maybe it’s the heat.  Maybe it’s my wonky wrist.  Maybe it’s just this day, but hey…

Being just a color sounds good to me…


One Response to “Out of body experience…”

  1. Joyce said

    I know the feeling.

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