Once upon a fall or two…

August 10, 2010

Back in February, I slipped on the ceramic tile kitchen floor and fell onto my right wrist.  It hurt like a mother…keys went flying, and I scared Bodie, to boot.  Not long after we moved, I was headed to my car in the garage and didn’t see a wet spot by my car door, and went sailing into the air once again.  I remember thinking as I was headed towards the ground that I just *could not* land on that wrist again.

But, I did.  I suppose it is because I am right-handed.  My left arm just didn’t have a clue as to how to be dominant in that situation.

This particular fall also hurt like a mother and my wrist has bothered me on and off since.

I went to see my doctor yesterday as the pain has increased some of late, and further exploration into what I may have done to the wrist is recommended.  Duh.  Problem is, I can’t afford the MRI (literally), and I can’t afford the wrist being injured (literally and figuratively).

As an artist, my hands are a huge part of my work.  As a soon-to-be stylist, they will be essential.

Now I am stuck in a brace, hoping that it will take care of itself if I just rest it a bit.  It’s kind of hard to rest your dominant hand, however.  How do you stop doing everything??


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