My Dad’s hat…

July 30, 2010

I inherited a hat that my Dad used to own and it fits.  The Williams’ clan did not come into this world with wee heads, and what I lack in actual head matter, I make up for in hair.

Sometimes when I wear his hat, I wonder if I were to listen hard enough, might I be able to hear his thoughts from long ago??  Much like putting your ear up to a shell and hearing the ocean…

My sense is that he would have been in a good place while wearing this hat.  Out doing fieldwork, fishing, teaching, or the like.  His thoughts would be of the happy man I remember…  Full of wisdom, humor and insights…

Maybe I should wear it more often…


2 Responses to “My Dad’s hat…”

  1. Lee said

    If the hat fits, wear it!

  2. Sara Beth said

    You look great in it…So wear it more often!

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