Hair and art…

July 15, 2010

I was talking to my Mom today about being enrolled in hair design school, which will start in September.  One of the things I am grateful for at this juncture in my life is confidence.  Given what I know about sculpting, and the fact that I’ve been cutting other people’s hair (albeit without a license *and* at their consent) for years now, I would feel pretty confident in going up to someone’s head and just ‘giving it a go’.  I’m not saying this would be a huge success, yet I would not be afraid to try it…

Being back in art school in my 30’s garnered me not only visual and creative skills, but backbone and confidence.  When I first started, I was so remarkably concerned that what I was making was “art”, and that it was “good art”.   Terrible waste of energy, that.  I had a very critical sculpture and ceramics professor, and he intimidated the heck out of me.  I just wanted to please him with my work.  I wanted him to like what I did.  Again, waste of energy, for it wasn’t about that at all!  He just wanted me to soak up as much as I could in his studio classes.  I appreciate now what a gift he gave me (in addition to the profound understanding of *form*), and that was to have some hutzpah about what I was doing as an artist.  Thank you, Paul…

So, to make a long ditty short, I take this backbone and confidence with me into new territory.  I’m not going to posture being a hair stylist anymore than I posture being an artist.  I’m going to go and learn how to mess around with hair and I think it’s going to be a blast.

I doubt I will try to be “cutting edge” with hair anymore than I am with my art.  I just want to be a part of making lines, color, and form work…both visually and creatively.

I’m ready…

Probably not for this style, however….


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