Making books…

July 13, 2010

I made a wee envelope/accordian book this afternoon at a class held at Artlandish by Leandra Spangler.  It was wonderful, and I learned a lot.  It was also a nice reprieve from my recent attendance in “L’école des études intensives”  (a la Alison…)

Nice to be creating and nice to try something completely different.

I also got the material yesterday for six more cat pillows, and I need to figure out what all I am taking to St. Louis this weekend for the art and jewelry party; and of course…the following weekend is Artrageous in Columbia where I will have a booth in the Catacombs Art Market.

Love it!  Love art!!

Now if my silly sore-throat-that-is-trying-to-sneak-up-on-me will just go away…

Here’s a picture of my book.  I think it’s charming…  🙂


One Response to “Making books…”

  1. Sara Beth said

    The book is wonderful! How fun for you to not be bored and experience a new creative outlet. I can’t wait to see one of your “faces” on the cover. I think you could even put your writing in it and create a small series of books with your inspirations, thoughts and feelings to add to your merchadise selection. Looking forward to the art and jewelry party and getting my own “Face by Alison”. See you then!

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