The number 22…

July 4, 2010

“The number 22 is a master number; therefore it carries with it the extreme sensitivity that all master numbers share. The number 22 is the higher of the two master numbers, and the most powerful of all the Life Path numbers. As such, it is also the most difficult to live up to and fulfill.

In numerology, one’s birth number is found by adding the month, day and year of birth and then adding that final number’s elements together.  I was born on the 22nd, and when you add all the other dates together as well, it is also a 22.  Hence, double-whammy on the 22 weight.

I read in a numerology book years ago that the number 2 actually looks like a person carrying a large knapsack of ‘burdens’ on his back…therefore giving credence to the notion that the master number 22 is also riddled with troubles.  It went on to say that people with the number 22 as their birth number have ‘lots to do’ and are laden in that respect in their lifetime.  Much like waiting for the last minute to study for an exam.  It is said that the number 22 soul is doing all this last minute work that has been put off for many moons.  Cleaning house after years of ignoring the mess.  Fun!

Sometimes I feel just like this.  Crammed full of stuff that is not so fun to clear, with less than enough maneuverability between my stacks of ‘junk’.  At times, it feels like I just don’t have enough space inside this body.  Lee told me to “lighten up” and relax yesterday.  This sounds so reasonable, yet is sometimes hard for me to do.  I’m not sure why, really.

Despite its intensity, the number 22 is actually my favorite number.  I resonate with it and see it all the time on clocks in the middle of the night, license plates, and the like.  I remember Mom was headed to pick up plates for a car I had purchased years ago, and I jokingly told her there would be a 22 in the license number when she got back.  She probably rolled her eyes at me and went on her way.  Upon her return, however, I found her with the oddest look on her face as she handed me the plates:  X6X-022.  I was a bit surprised myself.

What does all of this mean, and what the heck am I trying to say?  Who knows, really.  I find, though, that I ponder the notion of whether I actually did come into this world with a laundry list of “must do’s”, or did I create the list once here?  Is the 22 number a blessing or a curse?  Is it just a number?  Is it just random-ness that there are 22 tarot cards?  That the “Word of God” is from the 22nd level of consciousness (I read this somewhere…), or that there are 22 original letters in the Hebrew alphabet?

Maybe so…

Probably so…

Still…I wonder…


One Response to “The number 22…”

  1. Lee said

    I reckon “they” only give out twenty-twos to a select crowd, destined for a memorable and meaningful existence.

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