July 3, 2010

As much as I like my body adornment…I really think some people miss the concept of “less is more”.  Maybe there is such a thing as a succinct image.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then some of the folks I saw today at the pool are overly verbose.  One chick had so many different tattoos strewn about her flesh that it distracted rather than enhanced.  She had a huge row of stars and such all down the backs of her legs.  Reminded me of that Dr. Suess story about the Sneetches and the machine that would put stars on their bellies.  She definitely ran into the man selling stars…

I hope not to offend with these next words, either, yet there really is such a thing as white trash.  Also saw that today at the pool.  Bodies slumped down into themselves and covered with ugly green tattoos, while mean spirited words directed at their slightly malnourished and misbehaving children, spewed from their displeased visages.  One woman actually said to her wee boy that he was “lucky she was in public”.  I guess that means he would have been unlucky at home.  Poor kid.  I couldn’t help but see him as doomed.

Fourth of July weekend in Mid Missouri at the pool.

I like lounging in the sun on a hot day.  Always have.  I guess it just was visually less than appealing today.  I tried to keep my eyes on the blue sky above and enjoy the nice breeze after a swim.  I saw a hawk over the green field, too.  That was a cool thing…

Maybe I should stay out of the sun…


One Response to “Tattoos…”

  1. Jazus said

    You’ve really got me slavering for a thick, greasy slice of mid-MO.

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