Dark Shadows…

June 30, 2010

Anyone remember the old series, “Dark Shadows?”  I used to watch it after school…plunked down in front of the tv set as close as I could stand it, with a ‘barrier’ behind my sitting-self so that no one could sneak up on me.

I used my brother’s toy rocking horse, and the wee chairs around the coffee table as my barricade.  I can still see that pale, yellow horse, with it’s wide open eyes.  I probably would be more afraid of that horse now…

But, I digress…

I’m sure the soap opera drama would seem remarkably silly and non-scary if I were to watch it now, yet at that age, I found it delightfully hair-raising.

Maybe this is a stretch, but I’m hoping that *really* soon, some things that seem scary to me at present..like the house still being up for sale in Rolla, or the thought of money-issues, or any of my other current frettings, will seem silly and overly dramatic, much like “Dark Shadows” would appear to me as an adult.

I’d very much like to look back on the “period when we still had the other house to sell”, for example, and think…”Sheesh…I thought *that* was scary???  How silly of me.”  And then I’d have a great big laugh.

Yep.  I’m hoping I’ll grow up and find that things aren’t that scary, really…   That would be hilarious.

One Response to “Dark Shadows…”

  1. Joyce said

    Nicely said.

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