Once upon a drive to Utah…

June 26, 2010

My father did most of the driving as we would trek out to Utah each summer.  One year in particular, my siblings and I were all in that ‘teenager-y’ place where we were sullen and quiet during the drive.  We had our Walkman’s, which were the thing to have then, and we stuck in ear plugs and watched the scenery go by.  Each to their own, indeed.

Dad hated our Walkman’s.  He hated to be ‘alone’ in the car.  Called them anti-social and a whole lot of other things.  I think he longed for the camaraderie of earlier days when we would play, “I spy”, “20 questions”, or listen to the portable tape deck playing Jarre’s “Equinox” or John Denver’s greatest hits.

Of course, we, as teenagers didn’t think much of his disdain.  We were just happy to have something ‘to do’ on that long drive out West.

Well, I get it now, Dad.  I get what you meant and I get what you felt.  A day late and a dollar short…

I spend the summer with three males in a house where a great deal of the time, they are in front of a computer or a tv screen.  Locked in their own worlds of game-playing, web surfing, or the like.

It’s like being alone in that station wagon.  I get it, Dad…

I’m sorry now that I didn’t talk with you more on those drives.  I’m sorry now that we didn’t play more games.  What I wouldn’t give for the chance to go back and hear your voice…

One Response to “Once upon a drive to Utah…”

  1. Joyce said

    Backward, turn backward, oh time in thy flight, make me a child again just for tonight (with apologies to the original quote).

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