June 26, 2010

I have always had pretty intense dreams.  Thankfully, of late, they are less nightmarish.  I remember them nightly unless I take an Ambien, and they are generally so other-worldly that at times I question the state of my mind.

Perhaps it all ties in with being an artist, and having a well-developed imaginative side…  I’m going with that notion rather than wobbly mental wellness.

For example…last night, one of my myriad of dreaming scenes including me getting tiny baby wolves out of a vending machine.  I was so concerned about how well they were taken care of in their wee boxes.  How did they get food?  Water?  How long did it take for them to come from the factory to the machine??

I wasn’t concerned (in the dream) about the fact that I was purchasing a small animal from a vending machine, I was just concerned about the details.

Odd, to say the least…

I’m also a lucid dreamer.  Often times I’ll be interpreting a dream while I am dreaming the dream.   Kind of like the annoying person next to you in the movie theater who won’t be quiet and is telling you what is going to happen next and why.  I get to play both parts.

Except for the nights when my dreams scare me, or leave me shaken for most of the following day…I feel a strange kinship with my dreaming self.

“Dream Slacker” will probably never be one of my monikers…

One Response to “Dreams…”

  1. Peg said

    Oh, Ali, Ali, Ali, don’t you so love how our unconscious speaks to us?

    In the Native American tradition, Wolf is allied to the Moon, which rules psychic perception; hence, Wolf people know to trust their intuition and psychic urges, to listen for the still small voice within. Wolf teaches us to develop strength and confidence in our decisions. He shows we will learn to trust our insights once we learn how to value our inner voice.

    So, here you are, just beginning to nurture your baby wolf, just beginning to trust your intuitive urges and listen to your inner voice. And, I’m sure now that you’ve made the commitment (purchased your wolf), you’ll tenderly cultivate those qualities within yourself. Way to go, Girl!

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