How do you know what you know??

June 25, 2010

So, when you get an idea or a thought or a notion, how do you know if it’s a good one??  Does it resonate in your gut?  Does it make you feel excited and interested?  Does it have energy??

I had a notion of a path I could take while I was drawing this morning.  It felt like a possibility; a potential, a possible path that would fit right in with the art.

It’s just that right now, it’s hard to tell whether I am reacting or responding.  Am I operating from the old days of thinking, “this is how I could possibly fit into this picture”, or am I creating the new picture as I go along with me already in the picture?

Lee told me he doesn’t think one should fret about whether they know what they are doing at all times when starting a new venture, for the future is uncertain… regardless.  Just do what you feel is right and most appropriate, and see where the new path leads.  I like this advice, and want to follow it…  I guess I’m just wondering right now how I’ll know what feels right??

I’ve completely dismantled the old, and certainly don’t want to pick up pieces of that reality just because it is familiar.  I want new tools.  Brand new, shiny, tools and a new tool box.  That way, when I head out to construct my refreshed reality, I’ll be working from the new place and not the old shop, full of worn out and used up tools.

Maybe it takes time for the new to feel familiar?  And, maybe when an artist ‘hears’ something while in the process of making their art, that voice should be taken more seriously??  Isn’t that when you are most in tune with yourself…i.e. in your element, so to speak??

Who knows???


3 Responses to “How do you know what you know??”

  1. Ali, Lee sounds grounded. (We know a thing or two about over-thinking things!) The gut isn’t always clear, but it can ignite some fire when we get its messages. I wish the primal body-which we used to be rely on for safety-was the simplest tool for discernment. I know I would love to give my brain a break, maybe take the rest of this lifetime off!

  2. Lee said

    I do love a woman with her own set of tools!

  3. PAT said

    I love your writings..:-)

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