“Maria lies in the tanning bed”…

June 24, 2010

Shawn Mullins has this great album called, “Soul’s Core”.  There is a song on it entitled, “Tannin Bed Song”, from which I grabbed the line for this post’s title.  It’s kind of a sad song about a woman who has given up on her life and settled and the thing she looks forward to in her days is laying in the tanning bed and reading the newspaper.

That line has always struck me.  Really.  It’s always been the “what not to be” thing for me…

So, yesterday, I found it quite amusing and a wee bit sad (but that’s just silly) that I put in an application at our local tanning bed place that advertised they needed some part time help.  It’s just up by the Gerbes and isn’t far away at all.  It wouldn’t be much time per week, and I’ll bet I could handle it just fine.

When I applied, I told the gal who was at the front desk of my situation (i.e. that I had recently left a good paying job to pursue my art, and oh yeah, I have a college degree, and that I was just looking for things to support my endeavors in the art realm, etc. etc…), and she just looked at me with this dazed expression that said, “what??””…

So, yeah.  Left an application there and am trying to see that everything I do these days is not necessarily a reflection on me and my talents, for from here on out, it is merely me supporting myself on my art path, right??  Whatever it takes…

Yep.  A day in the life of an artist.  I also finished face quilt #21.  I’m actually creeping forward to where I’ll be ahead of schedule.  This is exciting!  Maybe I’ll have time to work in the studio on a hunk of wood in the interim before the show in January.  That would be swell…

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