Self Portraits…

June 23, 2010

I would think that it might be easy to see that, of late, I’ve been busy creating a self portrait.  Figuratively, of course, and then last night, I finished the literal aspect of it as well.  There is a show next month at Capital Arts, called, “Portraits”, so I decided to do one of me.

It doesn’t necessarily look like me, yet captures the essence of what I feel myself to be at this juncture in my life.  I like it, so I think it will be the one I use…

Perhaps the key to any good self portrait is to make it as real as possible.  Not so much in a tangible sense, but from the “gut” sense.  Then, hopefully when others see it, it will resonate on a level that touches their most true essence as well.

I contend, however, that this could be a lofty goal for one little ‘ole image…

One Response to “Self Portraits…”

  1. Peg said

    Do I detect a more contemplative mood in Spiral Girl’s expression? And, as I dust the cobwebs off of my NLP tools, her eyes appear to be focused upon the future, as opposed to the past. A pleasing likeness, indeed.

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