Mountains of memories…

June 19, 2010

Most of my summers growing up were spent in Logan, Utah where Dad taught a few courses at USU and the rest of us frolicked in the low-humidity, mountain air of Cache Valley.  Man, those were good summers.  We took tennis lessons, gymnastics lessons, inner-tubed down the cold water canals out of the canyon, played “Frisbee in a box”, barbecued, and slept under blankets at night.  Yes… blankets at night.  The canyon breeze would blow in and snatch away any residual heat from the day.  Man, I miss the mountain air.

I was thinking about all of this today as I sat on the couch and quilted…listening to the a.c. running and the distant sound of the wrens on the deck.  I miss open windows.  I miss cool air.  It’s ridiculously hot these past days, and I wonder about how long it will continue.  How in the world did we survive without air conditioning?  Those summers long ago were luxurious out West.  I don’t know how fun my memories would be if we had not left Missouri during the summer months.

When I was about 11, I had a candle collection.  They were all candles that were made to look like something else.  I had a peach, a cupcake with a cherry on top, and a Snoopy.  Those are the ones I remember most clearly.  My sister and I shared rooms upstairs in that house on West 7th, and this fateful summer, my candles sat on the dresser upstairs in my room.  In August when we returned from the aforementioned delightful time in Utah, I remember going upstairs where it was unbelievably hot (no a.c. in those days…) and there on my dresser were just puddles of wax.  No more groovy candles…just piles of melted wax.

That was one hot room.  Hot enough to wipe out my candle collection.  I was too stunned to cry, for I must have known that it was lucky that *I* didn’t have to endure that hot room for the summer.  I had escaped to the mountains.

Someday I want to move out West.  I’ll be sure and take my candles…


One Response to “Mountains of memories…”

  1. Lee said

    As soon as I got down to the drawing I laughed out loud!

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