This is all there is…

June 16, 2010

When my sister and I were young, we used to play this weird game called, “this is all there is”.  First step was to contemplate that the Universe went on and on into Infinity and then, we would wrap our wee little minds around the notion that ‘this world’ (as we knew it) was “all there is”.  We would stare at each other and chant the phrase, “this is all there is”, over and over and over, holding those types of thoughts in our mind.  Pretty soon, our three dimensional brains would kind of warp and we would lose touch with reality for just a moment.  It was enough to make us shudder and scream out in horror and delight.

I can still do it.  So can Jen.

I once wrote a post on her Facebook page that said, “this is all there is”.  It doesn’t take much to elicit the same response from all those years ago.  Freaked her out.

So, do I have a point?  I think my point might be that at a very early age, I explored the nature of things unseen, and sought out the unusual.  I believe that for the most part, it has served me well (i.e. I have one hell of an imagination!), yet I also think that when one opens a door, invariably others open as well.  Not always those desired nor noticed at the time.  So it goes…

Sometimes if you travel too far ‘out there’, it’s hard to be Here.

Maybe I need to remember that this moment is all there is.  Be here now, and all that jazz…  I know I can over think things.  One need but read my blog to suspect such a trait.

Perhaps it’s also good to remember and believe that even if “this is all there is”, it’s enough…

(Thanks for playing, Jawknee)


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