Art legs…

June 15, 2010

I have never been at sea long enough to require sea legs.  Most of us have probably heard the phrase, however, as it is defined:  “The ability, when walking aboard ship, to anticipate the motion of the deck so as to walk steadily without losing balance; Ability to travel by ship without becoming seasick.”

I wonder if there is such a thing as “art legs”?  Perhaps it could be defined as ” the ability, when deciding to become a full time artist, to anticipate the ups and downs therein so as to proceed thusly without losing one’s mind;  Ability to make such a leap of faith without becoming nauseous with anxiety.”

Yeah.  I don’t think I have those yet.  Some friends say, “relax and just take it easy for a while”, where others are “what are you going to DO???”  I’m somewhere in between.

My friend, Dawn, recommended the book, “Art and Fear” to me and I have it in the other room.  Maybe I should read it since I took the time to find it on Amazon.  I’m almost afraid to.  Afraid to feed either parts of my psyche.  Fear and Art.  Yikes.  That about sums it up.

The Bodhisattva is supposed to be a god that straddles two worlds…one more physical and one more esoteric and mystical in nature.  A bridge.  A connection, if you will.

After leaving the ‘real world of previous employment’ as of last week, and joining the realm of the ‘new Art Ali’, I feel somewhat like I am straddling as well.  Not so gloriously as the Bodhisattva, however.  Rather clumsily and wobbly, in fact.  I know change is a process, not an event, yet I typically do not allow myself much time for such things.

I suppose I should be more kind to myself as I garner those ‘art legs’ in order to traverse this new landscape.

Sometimes that feels easier said than done.


2 Responses to “Art legs…”

  1. Joyce said

    good analogy

  2. marghiggins said

    girl you are a thinker..good and much thinking can be dangerous! haha.. enjoy the glorious transition

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