Will the real Alison please stand up??

June 13, 2010

I have a tendency to reference the old, “To Tell the Truth” show from the 70’s as it has always intrigued me that the ‘game’ was about divining the real person out of 4 or 5 imposters.  I feel like I have been playing my own, somewhat esoteric, version of this game for a majority of my adult life.  I have played both participants and the panel of judges.  I guessed wrong for many years…gave up guessing after some years, and most recently, took the whole ‘let’s figure this thing out’ much more seriously.

I finally picked the right Alison.  I figured out the imposters (man, they had some good answers!), and I asked the real Alison to stand up.  She has.  Standing there looking at me grinning for I got it…  Finally chose the right one.  Finally can step off this particular game show set and try out another.

I think “Who wants to be a Millionaire Artist” sounds good.



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