Whoa, Nellie…

June 10, 2010

Yesterday was the 9th of June.  I dig numerology and enjoy it’s symbology.  The number 9 is about completions and endings, being the last of the single digits.  Fitting for the day I had, I believe, for I had my own personal type of ending.  End of the road.  End of the old.  End of knowing what the next day holds (like I ever really did…).

That leap of faith I had when I decided to leave my present job and pursue my art is no joke now.  I found out (via email, no less) that I did not get the ‘support net’ job for which I was hoping.  The job that was to pay the bills whilst I went out and about and created art.  Maybe I was chickenshit in trying to find a safety net, but hey…leaps are kinda scary and I did what part of my brain was telling me I had to do.  Ok.  Now what??

Today is the 10th, and that reduces to a 1 in numerology, and 1’s are all about new beginnings and the like.

Ok…  I’ll go with that.  New.  Beginnings.  Begin Anew.  Right…ok, so still…now what??

I will find something, I’m sure ( I hope, I think?).  I haven’t been without a regular job for so long that it’s sort of hazy and dreamlike right now to be thinking of all of the ramifications.  I’ve done so many different types of things throughout my ‘working career’ that I could pull out any number of skills and put them back to work, literally.

I know I am an artist.  I know my work has value.  If I can figure out a way to sell my art and support the cracks and crevices with other types of work, then I’ll be set.  I’m just freaking a little this morning as I haven’t been able to see this in action yet.  The Voice (of which I wrote about earlier) is primed and ready to come at me.  She’s got a litany, I can tell, but for now I’ve got her in the silencing booth.  Hopefully super spiral girl glue will keep the witch in there…

So, I’ll take a few days to breathe.  I’ll go have fun on Saturday and hopefully sell some wares.  I’ll take some time to listen to my gut (not the V woman) and see what I ‘hear’.

It will be fine.  I’ve got Super Spiral Girl at the ready…

Super Spiral Girl thrives!


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