Big Ben Bodie…

June 9, 2010

Anyone who thinks that animals, especially cats, cannot tell time hasn’t met Bodie.  Nor experienced the relentless efforts he puts into waking his “keepers” at the same time everyday so they can give him his treats already, dangit!

I get up at 5am now, and without fail, Bodie is present and accounted for at approximately 4:45am.  He doesn’t even allow me the enjoyment of those last few minutes before the alarm goes off.  His modus operandi is to walk around the bedroom doing everything he knows annoys us, so that we will get up, and if we are up…we might as well use those long human legs and walk into the kitchen, don’t you think??  Might as well reach into the pantry and get those treats already, dangit!

Bodies favorite annoying things:  stomping across body still silly enough to be laying in bed; walking over said body to Ali’s lampshade, which he promptly licks…over and over; scratching at the bedside table leg(s); scratching at Lee’s dresser; and/or scratching on anything he can find on the floor that someone might have been dumb enough to leave out the night before (i.e. cardboard box full of art supplies for the show).

Bodie is a delightful cat (no, really, he truly is).  He has just set out to prove, all on his own four little paws, that animals DO tell time, and are masterful trainers in their own right, to boot.


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