Art fairs and wares…

June 8, 2010

This Saturday will be my first official art fair.  My first time sitting in one of the booths with my own “shingle” out for everyone to see, along with all my recent work.  I have a list of things I need to remember to do before Saturday at 8am, and I also have a list of things to remember to take…  It’s quite a bit of work!

Last weekend while in St. Louis, I went to an art fair in Webster Groves.  It was nice.  Pretty much like any other fair to which I’ve been, and to tell you the truth, I only remember the work of one artist.  The rest was all the typical ‘art fair ware’.  Sorry to sound a bit snarky and judgmental with that statement, yet there does seem to be an overwhelming amount of art out there in the circuit that all looks the same.

I don’t want my work to look the same.  Surely everyone is trying and vying for something unique??

So, last weekend, the booth of work that ‘stood out’ for me was the art of a painter.  Large, loose, figurative, color-ific paintings by a young man from KC.  I stopped to talk to him just a bit, for I wanted him to know that I *noticed*.  Noticed his work, his energy, his difference.  I told him how my old painting instructor had said to me that I would never sell any work unless I catered to what people want.  In his mind, this meant wildlife art.  I don’t do wildlife art, for that is not what I do.  To make something just to sell it lacks soul.  The painter and I concurred this was silly goal.  We were both about “being real” and doing what our heart and souls said to create.

What is interesting is that I don’t think he had sold a thing.  Is he cursed for following his own path??  I told him that if I had an extra $700 in my pocket, one painting in particular would be mine.  Really.  I don’t need more stuff, but that’s how much I liked his work.

So, if there is a point to my story, or a point to what I write this morning, it’s that I have mixed feelings about art fairs and about art in general.  I like to go and look, and then I’m always a little wigged that there are SO many artists, and SO much stuff, and why in the world would anyone want my work as compared to others?  Then, I stop myself and think…why *wouldn’t* they want one of my faces, or one of my sculptures?  Why wouldn’t they??

I like my work.  Lee likes it.  Odds are…someone else I don’t even know will like my work.

I’ll go to the fair on Saturday, and set up, and enjoy the experience.  That’s about all you can really shoot for, I think.

My banner for the fair...


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