El Gato

June 4, 2010

My husband, Lee, picked up my banner yesterday from Signs by Tomorrow here in Jeff City (they did a great job, by the way), and he said they were asking whether I did cat faces in addition to the other faces I draw.  Intriguing!  I am a big fan of Laurel Burch’s images, as she did cat faces (and a few women’s faces, too) that one can find on just about any product out there.

I love the notion of expanding my repertoire, yet I don’t want to be a copy cat (pun intended!).  I love me some kitties, so it would be an ‘honest’ thing to do, oui?  Besides…I am not Laurel Burch.

Spiral Girl needs her Bodie, living large and out there on the page!!

I see a line of women’s faces in my head, waiting to be drawn.  I bet there is one for felines as well…

It’s worth a look…


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