Mood rings

June 1, 2010

Anyone remember mood rings?  I had one in junior high, I think.  Mine was always black when I had it on.  Sometimes a dark brownish red, but mostly black.  I remember, too, that this concerned me, even though I didn’t give a lot of credence to the validity of the ring and its ability to detect my mood.  Most of my friends had that nice bluish-green color that represented, “calm, relaxed, lovable”, whereas the brown/black color I sported was “restless, stressed, anxious, tense”.


Crazy ring.  You started me down a road of worrying about my moods.  I’ll have you know that I am more than my dark side. I am light and laughter as well.  I can be calm and relaxed.  Watch me.

I am not moody, yet mood-filled.  I am all colors…


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