“Money is no object”

May 31, 2010

Wonder what it would be like to utter these words and mean them?  I’m fretting about dosh this afternoon, and the potential lack thereof, and this is one of those head spaces I truly dislike.  It serves no purpose and is just a mental gymnastics exercise in distress.  I hear the a.c. running constantly (thank you Mid-Mo weather), and it’s making me cringe rather than enjoy the coolness.  I should be thankful we have air conditioning and yet here I sit, fretting.

Most people I know probably do the money dance.  The one where you step in and step out of worry about money.  I just want to be thankful for that which I have, yet I also have to be honest and say I would like to have enough money that I am never in fret mode again.  Duh.  Who wouldn’t desire such a thing…

It’s all about Perspective.  Always…

I’ve decided I’d like to be a Princess in Easy World.  The place where all things are easy and everything works out.  Abundance is made manifest and joy is the default status update.  Yep.  Easy World.  Princess Alibaba.  I’ve got the crown.

I’m ready…


One Response to ““Money is no object””

  1. Peg said

    With my tiara firmly in place, I’m joining you there in Easy World as the Duchess of All Things Wonderful. Ah, breathe in the delicious air filled with the aroma of magic. Shall we wave our wands a la Tinker Bell and manifest the Easy World Kingdom where all may enter, free of charge, and bask for as long as they like in the experience of abundance? So it is!

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