It’s all good…

May 30, 2010

My husband, Lee, says “it’s all good” quite often.  One of his finest qualities is that his default mood is hopeful and happy.  I’ve learned much from this stance of his and can honestly say that more often than not these days, “it’s all good”.

This Sunday morning was made all that much better by having some time with Lee before the day started, and a beloved cat’s weight leaning up against the curve of my body before I decided to get out of bed.  I’m not sure if there is anything like the “lean” from a warm body that you love.  Bodie hasn’t spent much time with us of late as it’s warmer, yet he thought he could offer up a few moments under the ceiling fan this morning, much to my delight.  I adore that cat…

Mom told me that I was a “leaner” when I was small.  She spoke of a time when I was about 6 or so when she was doing the dishes at the sink.  I came up and just leaned against her…not saying anything.  I guess I just needed to feel her there. I don’t remember this moment, yet I love the image of this scene in my mind.  It is comforting.

I have lots of people to lean on in this world…and I hope they feel like they can lean on me, too.  One of the best changes I’ve had in my life these past months is that I honestly and truly feel like I can lean on myself.  I can rely on my inner strength and kindness, and I can be my own best friend.

Maybe that is why I can so clearly sense the joy that is available to me in my world.

It is all good.


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