“A question of balance”

May 26, 2010

I was listening to the Moody Blues while driving to work today.  It seemed an appropriate background for the noise already in my head.  I’ve always been particularly fond of the song, “Question”.  Maybe it’s cheesy, yet these lyrics appeal to me:

“Between the silence of the mountains, and the crashing of the sea…There lies a land I once lived in and she’s waiting there for me.

But in the grey of the morning, my mind becomes confused…Between the dead and the sleeping and the road that I must choose.”

Maybe in part because I am an artist, I have a tendency to use visual analogies for references on what I’m thinking/sensing.  I’ve often used the one about feeling like I’m in a snow globe, and everytime I get to the point of thinking things are clearing and I can see my way out, some fool comes along and shakes the damn thing again.  Maybe it’s me, though.  Maybe I knock it off the table all the time, or bump it with my elbow, or move too quickly and all that frickin’ snow starts blowing around again.

Suffice it to say, I still find myself in this body sideways.  Discombobulated.  Out of sorts.  Disjointed.  Confused.  Scattered.  Baffled.  Bewildered.

What happens when this happens?  Where does all that gumption go??  Make art??  Ha.  Sounds like a retarded notion.  Sounds silly…


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